Course Description

In this course, you will be taken through all the phases of rehabilitation step by step.  You will be guided by carefully selected science based exercises and protocols in the comfort of your home.  

I have helped hundreds of patients young and old overcome their fears of strengthening their knees following ACL Reconstructions.  Guiding them back to whatever sport or activities they enjoyed. 

This course was designed with allot of feedback from clients and patients regarding access to facilities and resources, medical insurance as well as having the time in a busy day for exercise or rehabilitation.    

I have aimed to make this course accessible to anyone who has had knee surgery, especially ACL and its associated injuries involving PCL, MCL, LCL and Meniscus.  

You will find all the necessary resources regarding your procedure in my tutorial videos as well as how and when to progress.  

What to expect in this course:

  • Over 100 different corrective exercises from beginner to advanced.
  • A Pre-Op program to ensure a best post-op outcome. 
  • Full HD videos with multiple angles for every phase of your rehab.
  • Detailed descriptions of each exercise.
  • Exercises to help get you off your crutches.
  • Hydrotherapy exercises for pain and swelling management. 
  • Full 6 months of programming in a downloadable ebook.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Section 1

  • 2

    Section 2

    • Progress and regress criteria

    • Progress and regress criteria transcript

    • Pain and Swelling Management

    • Pain and Swelling Management transcript

    • Nutrition and Healing

    • Nutrition and Healing transcript

  • 3

    Section 3 Programming

    • The ACL Rehab Protocol ebook

    • Pre-Op Rehab Exercise Program

    • Gait Transition from crutches

    • Post-Op Rehab Weeks 0-2

    • Post-Op Rehab Weeks 2-6

    • Post-Op Rehab Weeks 6-9

    • Post-Op Rehab Weeks 6-9 Hydrotherapy

    • Post-Op Rehab Weeks 9-12

    • Post-Op Rehab Weeks 12-16

    • Post-Op Rehab Weeks 16-26

About your Biokineticist


Marius Visser

Hi, I’m Marius Visser, Biokineticist, wellness coach and founder of the Marius Visser Academy of Movement. Biokinetics is not only about exercising with the goal of pain relief, strengthening, movement therapy or the likes of restoring general fitness and health. My obligation as a frontline healthcare professional is to educate, teach, mentor, and transition my patients to an all inclusive healthy lifestyle. Promoting and optimising healthy living through my courses ranging from pain relief, rehabilitation, corrective exercise and movement. Here you will find my ongoing passion for human movement with courses that will help you become pain free and functional again, leaving you with more time to enjoy life.

What you get!

  • Mastery System

    All the exercises ordered into a step by step method.

  • Schedule

    Each phase broken up into weekly schedules.

  • Full HD Quality

    Enjoy full quality video and descriptions.

What others have been saying

“I managed to finish the course and get back to my cycling again. Thank you Marius for all the support” Gene